AIR TEC Combustion Efficiency System

(For All Internal Combustion Engines, and Diesel Trucks & Heavy Equipment)

Why Air-Tec (CES)?

  • Meet the strictest emission standards, regardless of engine age.
  • Improved combustion means a cleaner engine, resulting in longer engine life.
  • Engine oil stays cleaner longer, resulting in less protection drop off.
  • When combustion is improved, every drop of power is squeezed from your fuel, the result, an average of 20% increase in usable horsepower.
  • Bottom  Line Savings. When your engine is burning so efficient that your engine oil never turns BLACK, and your emissions drop by 80%, you are also gaining substantial and measurable Miles Per Gallon.

Key Features & Benefits
(For Diesel Trucks & Large Vehicles)

  • Fuel Savings
  • Emissions Control
  • Increase in Performance and Power Reserve
  • Optimization of Combustion
  • No modification of vehicle’s construction
  • Does not void manufacturer’s warranty
  • Longer Particulate Filter life, resulting in longer engine life.


Diesel engines with an average fuel consumption of up to 5 gallons per hour or 5 gallons per 60 miles (12mpg)

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