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Recent Case Studies

Gary Olsen, Wisconsin

Gary started his biodiesel journey like so many today with a diy system and testing different "secret" biodiesel filters. After some frustration, he stumbled on our site and visited our shop to review our machines and process...

"I've made over 2000 gallons of fuel this year so far. Customer support has been outstanding I couldn't ask for anything better. I've got nothing but good things to say about John and his company.

Rudy Wright, Texas

Rudy bought our BD65 unit in July 2010....

"I'm very happy with my BD65 and we've turned out maybe 3000 gallons so far...Johns there any time I need a question. I recommend it for anyone wanting a little more control of the fuel costs and their future.

Phillip McGuire, Ohio

Phillip bought our BD65 unit in May 2010....

"I purchased the BD65 because of it's simple design. I was also impressed with how helpful John was, he's always willing to pick up his phone and answer any questions.