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U.S. Freedom Bio Fuel America

About Us

US Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC was formed May 2008 by John Harrod.

We started out by testing every kind biodiesel kit available from the very basic cone bottom tank style now best known for causing fires, to the more sophisticated water wash systems, and even the extremely expensive and unbelievably slow processor with the shiny stainless steel skin.

Oh yes, I even purchased the secret, what a joke! I was able to drive my Duramax 15 miles, before the check engine light came on and another 5 before I had to call the wrecker service.

$50,000 of disappointment, and that figure was just the processing equipment we purchased; add to that another $12,000 in repairs from running all the poor quality fuel.

The bottom line, nothing worked as promised. Quality was all over the board, water washing was creating terrible results, processing was SLOW! Imagine trying to run a construction company with 50 gallons of poor quality fuel a day. I had read that Europe was more than a decade ahead of the U.S. in biodiesel research and processing. The answer, travel to Europe and tour some biodiesel production plants in successful operation. With over 60% of all diesel fuel in Europe being biodiesel, they must be doing it right!

I was impressed with what I saw, and immediately went to work on our own commercial biodiesel processor using everything I learned from Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, and the UK.

In 2008 we built and perfected our own automated biodiesel processor. With minimal hands on effort, we were producing 450 gallons of fuel in 8 hours. The quality, one of my major issues was consistent. No more check engine lights, no more water in fuel warning lights, no more wrecker bills, and repair bills. And best of all, we were making our own fuel for 80 cents per gallon, and no longer sending American dollars to countries who want to destroy us.

Our biodiesel kits are batch processors, capable of doing multiple steps on different batches simultaneously. For example, you can be processing batch 2 de/watering and pre-heating batch 3 all while batch 1 is going through the Freedom Dry Wash Tower, this maximizes efficiency.

We set out to build a biodiesel processor that could run all day without stopping and with minimal supervision. Imagine 450 gallons of fuel every 8 hours, with only 2 ½ hours of total labor required. Our processor can handle a wide variety of feed stock from waste vegetable oil to animal fat from beef, pork, sheep, chicken, fish, whale, mink, and any other triglyceride oil you can think of. And seed oil from corn, soybean, rape seed, camelina, palm, peanut, and well you get the idea, the list goes on and on.

Give yourself the competitive edge; with our optional Freedom Methanol Recovery System you will be producing your own Biodiesel Fuel for $0.51 per gallon. Let’s pretend you need 500 gallons of diesel fuel per week to run your business. At current diesel fuel rates, that would save you $1700 per week, or $81,600 your first year!

If you’re controlling your fuel cost by producing your own biodiesel and your competitors aren’t, who wins? I bet you can think a dozen ways to spend the extra new found $81,600 of profit.