Air-Tec Combustion Efficiency System Case Studies

(For All Internal Combustion Engines, and Diesel Trucks & Heavy Equipment)


ATS-12AS Combustion Efficiency System $2,799.90

345 Caterpillar Excavator - Fuel Savings 1 gallon per hour!

Riverview Construction had this Air-Tec System installed in late May of 2014 on a Caterpillar 345D Excavator. A week after the installation, doing the same work in the same clay pit, fuel consumption had dropped by 12%, a fuel savings of nearly 1.1 gallons per hour!

ATS-12AS Combustion Efficiency System $2,799.90

Caterpillar 740 Haul Truck - More Horse Power & Savings of 12%

After seeing how much fuel Air-Tec saves, Riverview Construction immediately installed more units, including this one on a Caterpillar 740 Haul Truck! Not only did the driver notice an increase in horsepower, but the Fuel Savings was again close to 12%!

ATS-12AS Combustion Efficiency System $2,799.90

Cons Truck Fleet - Instant Increase In Torque and Horsepower

Cons-Truck, a carrier out of central Wisconsin that specializes in oversized loads, is in the process of installing Air-Tec Units on their fleet, loaders, and excavators. The owner noticed instantly an increase in torque and horsepower! "130,000 lbs pulled 80,000lbs"!

ATS-12AS Combustion Efficiency System $2,799.90

Peterson Wood and Shingle Chippert - Currently Testing

Currently testing fuel consumption and horsepower.

ATS-12AS Combustion Efficiency System $2,799.90

OTR Tractor - Currently Testing

This Air-Tec Unit is installed on a OTR Tractor owned and operated by Wausau Chemical Corporation, one of the leading chemical supply companies in Wisconsin. While fuel savings is still being tested, the driver was amazed by the instant horsepower change--"the throttle is so much more responsive!"

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