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The BD40 Low Profile Biodiesel Processor

The BD40 Low Profile (250 Gallons Per Day) - $9,740.23

Features of the BD40LP Biodiesel Processor:

  • 80 Gallon Preheat Tank with 4500 Watt Stainless Steel Element.
  • Galvanized Removable Dust Covers for Both the Preheat Tank and the Settlement Tank.
  • 130 Gallon Settlement Tank with 5500 Watt Stainless Steel Element for Methanol Flash.
  • Fuse Protected Circuitry with UL Approved Control Panel.
  • Timer Controlled Processor.
  • Two ½ HP Pumps.
  • 75 Gallon Spill Containment Pallet.
  • 10KG Freedom Clean Dry Wash Tower.
  • Each Processor Is Shipped Fully Assembled, Tested, and Ready to Run.

Each BD40LP is Shipped with the following items:

  • 10KG Freedom Clean
  • Dry Wash Tower
  • 55# Bag of Potassium Hydroxide
  • 2x50ML Beakers
  • 2xGlass Stirring Rods
  • 2x3ML Syringe
  • 2x10 ML Syringe
  • 2 OZ Phenolphthalein
  • 2x5 Gallon Carboy Jugs
  • 1x55 Gallon Methanol Siphon Pump

Requirements for the BD40LP:

  • 240 Volt, Single Phase with 4 prong outlet (Standard 4 Wire Range Plug)
  • Allow 36 Square Feet of Floor Space for Operation
  • Methanol
  • 40 Gallons of Waste Vegetable Oil

The BD40 Low Profile (250 Gallons Per Day) - $9,740.23

The BD40 Low Profile (250 Gallons Per Day) - $9,740.23