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U.S. Freedom Bio Fuel America

Biodiesel Lab Supplies


50 ML Pyrex Beakers
3 Pack



10 ML Syringe
3 Pack



Glass Stirring Rods
3 Pack



Disposable Safety Gloves
If your making Biodiesel, you are working with some strong chemicals, as well as some of the slickest, smelliest stuff I have ever experienced. Protect your hands with our Disposable Safety Gloves.

Size Large
100 per box.



3 ML Syringe
3 Pack



Digital Chemical Scale
Perfect for accurately measuring your chemicals. Features include: Tare button, deducts the weight of your container for accurate measure. Maximum capacity 11LBS/5000G
Automatic Shut Off
Low Power Alarm
AC/DC Power
4 “AA” Batteries to operate on DC
Sealed buttons to prevent damage from spills

Brand is subject to change.