Biodiesel Pumps

These biodiesel fuel pumps can be used to pump biodiesel or grease!

Each biodiesel transfer pump comes with a performance guarantee. We've used various pumps for biodiesel and these are the finest on the market right now. Got a question about biodiesel fuel pumps please call us (847) 756-7600.


1" Biodiesel Processor Pump
110 Volt Single phase
½ HP
3400 RPM
22 ft lift.
110 volt single phase

Clear Water Biodiesel Pump
12 gallon per minute

Clear Water Biodiesel Pump - $124.95


AMT ¾ HP Straight Centrifugal Pump

1” Suction and ¾“ Discharge
Stainless Steel Impellor
Total Head of 48 feet
Max pressure of 23 PSI
220 volt single phase

AMT ¾ HP Straight Centrifugal Pump - $590.00


55 Gallon Drum Methanol/Biodiesel Pump

Virtually indestructible.
55 Gallon Drum Transfer
Transfers Methanol & Biodiesel

Siphon Pump
5 gallon per minute

Siphon Pump - $49.95